Prevention is the Key to Great Health

Wellness is more than just being healthy, it’s about the energy you need to get more out of life. Prevention Is The Key To Great Health, as well as feeling and looking younger, longer, but in today’s super-sized, fast paced, budget conscious world… choosing wellness can be a challenge.

The great news is that it is never to late to start, and these lifestyle changes are in your control.
We all know that good nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining your health, and sneaking healthy habits into your daily life is easier than you might think. Doing something, no matter how small, is much better for you than doing nothing at all.

If you make small changes along the way, over time they will add up to improved changes in the quality of your overall health with physical activity, diet, ability to deal with stress, and the quality of your sleep. It is true that prevention is the key to great health!

Small changes with fitness can make a difference, but the same principles apply when eating… cut down on sugar, reduce fat intake, and eating more veggies or fruit instead of a cookie will make a difference over time.

Some easy ways to improve nutrition is by purchasing whole foods (reducing processed pre-packaged foods), buy organic when possible, avoid high fructose corn syrup, and eat lots of greens (improving your pH to slightly more alkaline). Vegetables and fruits contain essential minerals, vitamins, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases.

Prevention is where our health care system must focus its attention. Scientific research continues to confirm that weight control, good nutrition, exercise, and supplementation can positively impact how you feel right now, as well as your health in the future.

Supplementation to your daily food intake is an important key in optimal health and addresses the critical nutrition and health issues of the 21st century. You want to make sure to get the right nutrients, to the right place, at the right time, for the optimum effect. Getting the right amount of protein, antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol, vitamins and minerals, and help for your immune system is vital for your health.

I am passionate about health and I love helping my clients achieve their goals with their health. I would rather inform and inspire people to take responsibility for their health instead of waiting for a medical problem to arise.