Pinkberry Yogurt – That Tangy Flavor With Great Health Benefits For Your Diet

The Pinkberry franchise is popular for reviving the 1980s yogurt craze in today’s society. Founded by the partnership of two Korean Americans Shelly Huang and Young Lee in 2005, the franchise has grown to several stores thanks to its popularity. Pinkberry’s menu consists of several flavors of frozen yogurt combined with fresh fruit. The sweet and tangy taste has attracted a cult following in its debut and still gains more fans for every year of operation up to present. Aside from the distinct and delicious flavor of Pinkberry yogurt it also has great health benefits for everyone who tries it.

Yogurt naturally has beneficial health components. It is filled with live micro organisms or bacteria that help the digestive system in many ways. Since the digestive system is responsible for getting nutrients for the body yogurt’s bacterial content helps make the whole system function better. Pink berry yogurt has a good amount of these micro organisms plus all ingredients used are fat-free. The largest serving you could get will give you a maximum of 250+ calories enough to get you through lunch hour but without any fat at all. This is perfect for people watching their weight because it allows them to eat great tasting food in large proportions without getting any fat.

As we all know fat is the most difficult calorie to burn since the hierarchy is carbohydrates, protein, and then fat. Substituting yogurt with other desserts would make anyone’s weight loss diet more effective. Pinkberry yogurt has several branches all over the United States so getting to a shop is not a problem. The variety of flavors will be sure to hit the spot for any yogurt cravings. A note though although the yogurt is a great fat free meal it is important to only consider it as part of your diet and not go overboard with a yogurt only menu.