Exercise Plus Proteins – The Perfect Formula For Great Health

Are you feeling tired and looking listless the whole day? Have you looked into the mirror lately and find yourself disgusted with the amount of weight that you have put on? Many blame it on the “middle age syndrome”. But the fact is, your health has got very little to do with age. Let’s see if this is true.

If you take a good look around you, you start to notice that many of your friends and colleagues may be overweight as well. So you assume that it’s only natural to be putting on weight. It’s just age catching up with them. But the truth is, you are probably looking at the wrong places for the answers that you are looking for.

Most of your friends are probably working in offices and leading a sedentary lifestyle – just like you. So it’s only logical to assume that they face similar problems as you do. The key here is to accept that you are looking in the wrong direction, and look elsewhere for answers. So where do you look?

Try going to the gym. You will be surprised at how young some of these fitness enthusiasts look. A fit person whose real age is 50 can look 10 years younger – easily. Now you go, “Yah right, they have all the right genes. They are born fit.”

While it is true that genes matter when it comes to fitness, you can’t really attribute everything you see to genes. Some people are built short and stocky. They put on mass and fat easily. Some have average builds. Then there are others who can’t seem to put on weight no matter what they do.

Fitness experts recognize and accept the fact that your genetic makeup does make a difference in your level of fitness. But they also know that if you do nothing to maintain your fitness, your health will only get from bad to worse. The inevitable happens regardless of your genetic makeup. So the only correct response is to adopt a positive attitude and start building up your fitness. Having a unique genetic makeup only means that you need a customized exercise program and diet plan.

That’s the formula for great health – exercise plus diet.

Diet here doesn’t mean that you start eating less and less. On the contrary, you should be eating more and more. That is because you are burning calories from your exercise program and you need to eat well in order to grow your muscles. More muscle mass leads to higher metabolism. And that is the result you want to achieve.

The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, even while you are resting. That’s why fit people rarely put on excessive weight. They just burn away too much! Load up your proteins and start boosting your metabolism.