Great Health, Great Life

It’s no secret that being in great health, means you’re living a great life. So being that it’s no surprise, why do some insist on boycotting the healthy life? A healthy lifestyle is the gateway to a happy, satisfying and fulfilled existence. It’s a domino effect: Healthy lifestyle > healthy habits > a happier you. The advantages of having great health are overwhelming (in a good way) so its important to note the benefits of healthy living we may have forgotten about. Let’s take a look:


One of the biggest benefits of healthy living is the amount of energy you’ll have. When you eat foods rich with vitamins and antioxidants, they provide you with the energy that other bad foods can’t. So when your body isn’t burdened to digest unhealthy foods, you receive an ample amount of energy to do your daily activities and to even exercise. The only setback to eating healthy, is that your body will have to adjust and this adjustment takes time. Don’t worry if you tend to feel a little worse. That’s your body taking advantage of your healthier eating and will start to get rid of the bad stuff. Don’t quit! Stay with it and soon enough you’ll be on your path to the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


So this really shouldn’t be a secret. When you’re living a healthier lifestyle, you are 100% undoubtedly happier. Your diet has a lot to do with your mood. When you ingest fruits and vegetables, you start getting the vitamins and minerals that your body has been craving. Exercising can also improve your mood. When you know you’re working towards getting healthy and fit, exercising coupled with good eating can really lift your spirits and give you the confidence and motivation necessary to keep trucking. You will feel better about your appearance.

Remember the snickers commercial when they show that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry? Yeah, that’s called hypoglycemia! Foods with less protein may make you feel a bit more hungry, and sometimes you have cravings because your body is asking for something that it feels is missing from your body.


Exhibiting healthy habits also leads to a domino effect in the case of sleep. When you’re eating right, exercising daily, and just plain living healthy, you tend to sleep better. You improve your sleep cycle so when you wake up, you feel as refreshed and awake as ever. And we all know how crucial sleep is to our well being. With sleep, you can say goodbye to those bags and dark circles under your eyes and hopefully mitigate that lethargic feeling that most people exhibit when they lack sleep. Remember 6-8 hours a night can really make a difference throughout your day.

But here’s an extra fact: Did you know that models sleep more than 8 hours a night? Yes, its true! Sleep plays a huge role in weight loss. The later people stay up, the more likely they are to eat. Eating after 8pm is probably not in your best interest because your metabolism tends to slow down at that point. That is why it is recommended that you start every morning with a well balanced breakfast so your metabolism can begin doing it’s job early on in the day. And to be honest, going to bed full is not the best feeling. You just feel gross.


This is a BIG one and also a domino effect. Healthy eating, exercising, an elevated mood, and sleep all help your stress levels. When you’re eating healthy you have energy. When you have energy, you can exercise. When you exercise, you sleep better along with being in a happier mood. When you sleep well in conjunction with a good mood and calmness, you’re instantly less stressed. See? It all has an effect on each other. When your stress levels go down, your health improves, letting the body focus on other things. When you’re less stressed you sleep better, think better, and function better. Who doesn’t want to be able to do all that?

But yes, every once in a while people will “eat their feelings” and for the most part it’s because of stress or anxiety. Food serves as a comfort to their body’s that they may otherwise be lacking elsewhere in their lives. The goal is to fight these addictions especially towards unhealthy foods that cause more harm than good to your body.

Fight Diseases

DUH! This is really a no brainer. When you’re healthier you have a lot less medical issues to worry about. Normal cholesterol levels, blood pressure, arteries, they all become minor (not saying that they shouldn’t be checked regularly). Not to mention that if you do in fact get sick with the something like common cold, you’re more likely to kick it quicker. Eating healthy can decrease your chances of getting heart disease or diabetes or even falling into depression. A lot less to worry about when your health becomes of importance.


Also a no brainer. Fact: Smoking takes years off your life. This is something hopefully all of us know. So when you avoid smoking altogether or quit, you’re doing everything you can to increase the duration of your life or put back the years those cigarettes may have taken off. Same goes with food and exercising. Healthier people tend to live longer; also a fact. It’s been reported that The American Council on Exercise concluded that after an 8 year study, 13 million people who walked just 30 minutes a day significantly decreased their chances of dying at an early age.

No one wants to live their late 80’s barely being able to make it out of bed. A big trend in medicine is preventative medicine, the concept of trying to decrease the chances of acquiring cancer or disease. Lets try to enjoy every moment of our retirement and that includes being healthy enough to do what you want!

So it’s easy to see why there shouldn’t be any reason to not live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many benefits that could significantly improve the way we live our lives. Better sleep, happier moods, more energy, those are just a few of the goodies we receive when we crank up the healthy habits. Let’s put ourselves in drive and fire up that motivation that I know we all have inside of us. We’re rooting for you!

Get Rid of Your Huge Belly and Have Great Health and Six Pack Abs

A huge belly is the biggest single threat in your life because it may result in your getting affected by ailments like diabetes, heart diseases and blood pressure. Not only that, your body shape will sap your self-confidence. But if you lose your belly fat, you are assured of a great health and you will be closer to having a six pack abs. There are a few steps that can help you to lose your stomach fat quickly.

– You should never skip your breakfast if you wish to lose your abdominal fat. In fact, your breakfast should supply the maximum energy for the day. If you skip it, your body will not get this nutrition and so your output throughout the day will be below your optimum capacity. Another point is that you have been starving throughout the night and starving still further by skipping your breakfast will lead to many other health complications. You will also tend to over-eat during your lunch which will again increase your fat around the belly.

– Instead of eating fried items, spicy items and processed foods, you should eat more of fiber foods. Fried items, spicy foods and processed foods will increase your abdominal fat because they contain bad fats. Fiber diets like wholesome grains, fresh fruits and vegetables will not only supply a lot of vitamins and minerals to your body but will fill your stomach fast without increasing your fat.

– You should drink plenty of water if you want to reduce your abdominal fat. Water is a good toxin-remover and if toxins are flushed out of your system, you can reduce your fat easily. The best way is to drink water many times when you eat your food so that you can avoid eating excessively which is the main cause for fat gains around your belly.

– You should spend more calories than your intake to lose your belly fat. This can be achieved by doing appropriate exercises and by having more of physical activity during your day. Instead of taking lifts or elevators, you can climb up or down the stairs or you can walk back home from office, if possible or you can jog or brisk-walk in the mornings and evenings so that you spend your calories efficiently and lose the fat around your stomach.

– Instead of eating three large meals, you should split your daily intake of food into many smaller meals and eat them as frequently as possible. This type of eating will improve your metabolism and this will burn your fat very effectively.

These are simple changes that you can make to lose the excess fat around your belly and having a six pack abs is not a distant dream for you.

Long-Term Diets For a Lifetime of Great Health

Obesity increases the risk of a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease; type 2 diabetes; osteoarthritis; postmenopausal breast cancer; and cancer of the uterus, colon, kidney,and esophagus. All of these often lead to premature disability and death. Fat is considered the new tobacco by The Heart and Stroke Foundation in Canada. They report that the number of overweight and obese people has risen by 60 percent since the 1970s and the number of deaths directly related to obesity has doubled in the last 15 years.

We have read statistics from other sources that say 30 percent of U.S. children are overweight, almost six times the number in the 1980s. Type 2 diabetes among children is at an all-time high.CNN doesn’t remind us about the tragedy of approximately 2,000 people dying per day of heart disease, but we all hear about the latest shark attack. Something is wrong with this picture! Isn’t it ironic that your chances of dying from heart disease are about one in two, and your chances of dying from a shark attack are about one in 300 million?

Most people attempt to get in shape for short-term, ego bound reasons. They want to lose weight so desperately they make statements like, “Even if it’s gonna kill me!” And why? “Summer is four weeks away.” “My fortieth birthday is coming up.” “My best friend just lost 10 pounds.” “I’m going on vacation.” “It’s my high school reunion this spring.” “I just made a bet with my co-worker.” “I just lost a bet with my co-worker.”

Losing weight is still the number-one reason for most people to start a program and our “quick-fix” society is inundated by a plethora of products and supplements “guaranteed” to work fast. Sure, you might get some results, but statistics show that less than 5 percent of all dieters experience long-term success. Most of us know people who have thrown themselves into a Herculean workout and starvation diet to get into that small dress or suit.

Those intense efforts may bring immediate results-that’s what makes them attractive-but they aren’t maintainable.It’s like cramming all night for the big exam. Sure, you might pass, but the knowledge is soon lost. Short-term, ego-driven goals do not lead to long-lasting habits or results. You need long-term, powerful reasons that will inspire a lifetime of great health.