Change Your Life with the Help of Pathway Genomics

There are a lot of methods that someone can use..

Change Your Life with the Help of Pathway Genomics

There are a lot of methods that someone can use to get healthier. There is no shortage of diets, exercise plans, health facilities and plastic surgeons that are designed to help someone look and feel their very best. However, it has long been established that what works for one person may not work for another.

There are a lot of hypothesis regarding the reasons for this, but something that has really taken hold is that genetic differences have an impact on the effectiveness of a health plan. That is why people are having their DNA tested and genetic predispositions marked so that they can have overall better health.

Weight Loss

The genetic profile of a person can help to determine what methods will work best for weight loss. This type of profile does more than just look at DNA. It also looks at family history so a determination can be made for the likelihood of certain health issues. This can help in creating the perfect diet.

For example, a low carbohydrate diet might not be best for someone with a family history of high cholesterol. These diets tend to focus on eating a lot of meat, but high cholesterol markers in a genetic profile indicate that someone should eat a diet low in red meat, which means some diets will do more harm than good.

Skin Care

What might surprise many people is that DNA testing and genetic monitoring can help to perfect a better skincare routine. Much like diets, not all skin care products work for everyone. Having a skin routine specifically designed for someone’s skin based on their current skin health and the things that their genes indicate can lead to the perfect regiment.

Mental Health

While DNA hasn’t been able to show mental illness, understanding family history can help someone to create a lifestyle that will lessen the possibility of experiencing certain roadblocks down the road. Depression and anxiety can often be overcome by having a good routine already in place.

Whether you need to lose weight, take care of your skin or prevent mental health issues down the road, your DNA, genetic makeup and family history are all keys to a better life. If you want to change your life, but you’re not sure what the next step should be, contact Pathway Genomics for help.