Why Do Dental Professionals Stress Daily Oral Hygiene?

The right toothbrush means everything when trying to perfect oral..

Why Do Dental Professionals Stress Daily Oral Hygiene?

The right toothbrush means everything when trying to perfect oral hygiene routines. Also, when buying the right toothbrush, there are some points to consider. For instance, the bristles should be rounded to avoid injury to the gums.

What should people look for in a toothbrush?

Plastic is better than natural materials – the latter may be a particularly solid health-conscious decision, but they provide a good breeding ground for bacteria and are, therefore, not recommended. Every two to three months, a used toothbrush should be replaced. This is even truer if the brush is visibly worn.

Old or damaged toothbrushes make effective brushing unnecessarily difficult. For most people, toothbrushes with soft or medium hard bristles are recommended. Special options, for example, brushes with a moving head, can be pleasant to use but are not necessary from a dental point of view.

Electric toothbrushes may give good results but the same results can be achieved with conventional brushes. They are also simpler and more convenient to use and can compensate for the aforementioned defects. But they are usually more expensive than conventional toothbrushes and less practical for traveling.

Even with electric toothbrushes, the attachments should be replaced regularly before they become unhygienic or its cleaning performance deteriorates. It does not matter if you floss before or after brushing, according to some experts.

The right toothpaste

When a person buys the right toothpaste, they can do very little wrong if they brush correctly. Most dentists suggest that fluoride is used, mainly because it protects the teeth from decay. Certain pastes that are said to whiten the teeth are rather discouraged by professionals since they sometimes contain aggressively abrasive particles that can attack the enamel permanently. Apart from these points, a specific toothpaste can be bought according to taste or price.

Simple steps for a healthy smile

Keep in mind that these simple steps, which may require a bit of practice, are necessary if you want a healthy set of teeth. If a person brushes their teeth twice a day for about five minutes and uses floss for about two minutes, they only need 12 minutes of daily dental care to obtain the perfect smile.