The Most Common Procedures Performed By General Dentists

A dentist is a specially trained doctor that prevents and..

The Most Common Procedures Performed By General Dentists

A dentist is a specially trained doctor that prevents and treats any oral health problems a person may experience. Few health conditions create the level of misery and pain associated with oral health conditions. General dentists develop treatment plans that serve to address any issues a patient may be experiencing and will perform preventative services that aid in staving off future problems and allow a person to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Preventative Treatment Options

Dentists use a variety of techniques to prevent oral problems, with the most important and most effective being regular dental cleanings. The medical professional may also take several x-rays during an initial visit to identify any underlying problems that may exist beneath the surface. The American Dental Association recommends a minimum of 2 professional cleanings every year, and a full set of x-rays every three years.

Cosmetic Services

Physical trauma and poor oral hygiene often lead to the formation of cavities and deformities that makes a smile look lackluster and may lead to self-esteem issues. Dentists utilize the latest technology to restore the visible and structural integrity of any teeth that may be damaged and provide a person with a stunning smile. Veneer application and cosmetic bonding are all used by a general dentistry practice and when combined with services such as tooth whitening help to restore a smile in as little as a few office visits.

Restorative Procedures

Some issues require more invasive methods and specialized treatment options to provide a patient with the most favorable outcome possible. Procedures that fall under the restorative umbrella include fillings, root canals, and crown installations. Ignoring issues that require this type of treatment leads to the formation of pain and discomfort, and in more extreme cases may also lead to the creation of a dangerous bacterial infection.

A general dentist is standing by to offer help when tragedy strikes. To learn more about the services they provide and how they allow anyone to have a healthy smile, be sure to check out the post right here. It is the first step in obtaining a gorgeous smile and eliminating oral pain and discomfort.