Increased OPtions with Comprehensive Dentistry

Many dentist offices today offer comprehensive services for the convenience..

Increased OPtions with Comprehensive Dentistry

Many dentist offices today offer comprehensive services for the convenience of patients. The multiple benefits of a versatile practice include access to the latest technology and procedures, one location for all oral health needs, and increased comfort levels. In order to provide comprehensive services, dentists pursue continuing educational opportunities. Training classes on new techniques, lectures, seminars, and conferences are all ways to improve service delivery.


One of the results of continued education is the knowledge to offer a wide range of options to accommodate the needs, preferences, and budgets of patients. An excellent example of this result regards dentures. Traditional dentures are the most affordable way to replace all top or bottom teeth. They require adhesives to stay in place, have to be taken out to be cleaned properly, and will need re-surfacing every few years due to bone and gum loss.

A Step Up

Mini implants are also available for denture wearers. This procedure is minimally invasive, can be completed in one day, and secures dentures in place without adhesives. This procedure is an investment that provides a high return. No more money has to be spent on adhesives or re-alignments. Another plus is this procedure eliminates common denture problems, such as slipping, becoming loose, and interfering with speech.


A new breakthrough in implant technology now makes it possible to replace a full arch of teeth, which is a total of sixteen, with as few as four implants. The traditional number is eight and is cost-prohibitive for most patients. Cutting the number in half, as well as eliminating the need for common bone grafts, means the investment is drastically reduced. Special training is required to perform this procedure, so a comprehensive dental office, such as Westvale Dental Care, is needed.

A Similar Process

The process of getting implant-supported full arch restoration is similar to getting regular implants. A consultation and three-dimensional image of the mouth happens first. The four implants are inserted and covered with temporary teeth. Healing time is approximately six to eight weeks to allow the titanium to fuse into the jawbone. Once healed, the permanent teeth are securely placed onto the implants.