Getting Implants Versus Dentures

-People approach a time in their lives when they may..

Getting Implants Versus Dentures

-People approach a time in their lives when they may possibly lose one or more of their teeth and they need to replace them. Some people get dentures or partial dentures, while others opt for dental implants, depending upon the amount of money they have to spend. There are dentists who give their patients the option to do either treatment, but the patients need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Here are some reasons patients might want to get the dental implants instead of dentures or partial dentures.

Why Get Dental Implants

When people have some of their teeth missing or all of them, they can go see a dentist who will inform them of how to replace the missing teeth. Of the two options, people can choose to get dentures which are removable or less expensive, or they can get dental implants which although more expensive have more advantages. With dental implants, the wearer does not have to worry about the teeth slipping out because there is not enough adhesive. Also, implants feel more like natural teeth when a person is chewing or speaking.

More Advantages of Getting Dental Implants

By dental implants being embedded in the bones and gums of the mouth, they help to keep the other teeth (if any) from shifting due to empty spaces. Dental implants are designed to last the wearer a lifetime, with periodic adjustments being made from time to time, which makes them much more preferred than dentures which will about 10 years if they are really good quality. The patient who will want dental implants must be screened to see if he or she is a good candidate for the procedure.

Who to Call for Dental Implants

There are dentists available in just about every city (and certainly in the major cities) who are able to provide dental implants for their patients. Dr. Terry Watson has been providing dental implants and other dental solutions for patients in New York for many years. If any potential patients are interested in finding a good dentist in their respective areas, they can visit a website at